Fourth of July Weekend! | Washington D.C. Travel Photographer

Happy Fourth of July everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and stayed cool in this exhausting heat! This was my first year celebrating the Fourth of July in D.C. Last year I was off vacationing in Italy (I know, I know, not very patriotic of me). I decided to make the most of the experience by checking out the most popular (and crowded) fireworks show in the nation! Armed with some snacks, my camelback, camera, and tripod, I ventured downtown on the metro and made my way to an amazing view right in front of the Washington National Monument. The fireworks were awesome and it was well worth putting up with the heat and crowds; not to mention the two hour trek home. Anyway, below are a few of my favorite shots. It was my first time experimenting with photographing fireworks and I think it went pretty well! I got some great tips from Joe McNally's blog post, you can check it out by clicking here! Click here and become a fan on facebook and stay updated on all my new blog posts!