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So this time last year I was in Jamaica with my brother thanks to Islands Magazine! I won the 2011 Reader's Choice Award in a photo contest and this was the prize! How awesome is that! We stayed for one week at the Grand Palladium and had a ton of fun! Here are some photos documenting our trip! On our way!Jamaica 2013-03-24_0024.jpg We entered our room, and were greeted with this happy message and delicious treat! 2013-03-24_0023.jpg

2013-03-24_0066 2013-03-24_0064.jpg 2013-03-24_0030.jpg 2013-03-24_0004.jpg 2013-03-24_0037.jpg 2013-03-24_0056.jpg 2013-03-24_0060.jpg 2013-03-24_0061.jpg There were cats everywhere! They always hung out by the outdoor tables and waited on guests to throw them scraps. Of course we did our fair share! 2013-03-24_0012.jpg 2013-03-24_0025.jpg We made our way to Rick's Cafe, and got to see the sunset and watch the brave souls as they jumped off the cliff. 2013-03-24_0011.jpg 2013-03-24_0057.jpg 2013-03-24_0007.jpg 2013-03-24_0010.jpg 2013-03-24_0019.jpg 2013-03-24_0021.jpg 2013-03-24_0062.jpg 2013-03-24_0016.jpg 2013-03-24_0051.jpg Another day we visited YS Falls and I had a lot of fun playing with long exposures. 2013-03-24_0017.jpg 2013-03-24_0003.jpg 2013-03-24_0002.jpg 2013-03-24_0020.jpg Dylan was kind enough to help carry my tripod too! Such a sweet kid ;) 2013-03-24_0015.jpg 2013-03-24_0059.jpg 2013-03-24_0009.jpg 2013-03-24_0008.jpg 2013-03-24_0043.jpg As we were leaving the falls, I saw this man selling fresh pineapple and just couldn't resist. He was kind enough to let me photograph him too! 2013-03-24_0014.jpg We made a pit stop on the way back to the hotel for some Red Stripe, a Jamaican beer. Lucky for Dylan the drinking age in Jamaica is 18 :) 2013-03-24_0006.jpg 2013-03-24_0018.jpg Scuba Diving in Jamaica! 2013-03-24_0032.jpg 2013-03-24_0026.jpg We went on a Black River Safari Cruise and saw some alligators up close and personal... 2013-03-24_0027.jpg 2013-03-24_0050.jpg 2013-03-24_0044.jpg 2013-03-24_0045.jpg 2013-03-24_0048.jpg 2013-03-24_0035.jpg 2013-03-24_0063.jpg 2013-03-24_0058.jpg 2013-03-24_0022.jpg A stop along the way brought us to this man. He was selling corn out of a shopping cart. I took photos, but no corn. I also happened to drop a five dollar bill out of my wallet when I went to grab a dollar to tip him, and it was snatched up faster than I could even react. I decided it was just safer to let it go then try to get it back :( 2013-03-24_0013.jpg We went to the beach too and hung out at Margaritaville.... 2013-03-24_0034.jpg 2013-03-24_0049.jpg 2013-03-24_0038.jpg And of course you can't take a trip to Jamaica without trying some of their jerk chicken. It was delish! 2013-03-24_0065.jpg Unfortunately Dylan got an infection and we had to take him to the nurse station at the hotel. The lady told us it was a bug bite and basically just gave him antihistamine and some cream ($300 later!). Luckily our mom took him to the doctor back home and found out it was MRSA! He's fine now, but was in so much pain, I felt so bad for him! Look how big his elbow was! 2013-03-24_0036.jpg 2013-03-24_0040.jpg And thanks to my spray sunscreen, he ended up with these nice sunburn marks too! Poor kid! 2013-03-24_0055.jpg And then to make things even worse, the internet was so slow he couldn't even get on Facebook to talk to his friends!! Can you imagine! lol... 2013-03-24_0047.jpg We still had tons of fun though and I'm so glad he was able to make the trip with me! 2013-03-24_0029.jpg 2013-03-24_0028.jpg

2013-03-24_0054.jpg 2013-03-24_0041.jpg 2013-03-24_0052.jpg 2013-03-24_0053.jpg On our way back home! 2013-03-24_0031.jpg