Family Portraits at The Bishop's Garden | Washington D.C. Family Photographer

Last Sunday I met up with this beautiful family for some spring family portraits. We originally were going to head down to the Tidal Basin to get some of the cherry blossoms and memorials in the background, but unfortunately all of the roads were closed due to the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run. And of course we didn't discover this until we were already on the road....So with a last minute change of plans we ended up at The Bishop 's Garden at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. What a gorgeous location! We were actually thankful for the unexpected detour because the grounds were stunning, not to mention crowd free! Here are some of my favorites. 2013-04-14_0002.jpg 2013-04-14_0001.jpg 2013-04-14_0003.jpg 2013-04-14_0004.jpg 2013-04-14_0005.jpg 2013-04-14_0006.jpg 2013-04-14_0007.jpg 2013-04-14_0008.jpg 2013-04-14_0011.jpg 2013-04-14_0010.jpg 2013-04-14_0009.jpg