Cristy and Adam's Wedding | Washington D.C. Wedding Photographer

On February 17, 2013, I was fortunate enough to assist John Frank in photographing Cristy and Adam's winter wedding in Washington, D.C. After Adam saw Cristy for the first time in her stunning dress (one of the prettiest I've ever seen!) at the Ritz-Carlton in Georgetown, we made our way to Union Station for some formal bridal party portraits. They all looked amazing, and without doing a weather report for the day, you'd never know by looking at them that it was in the 30s with extremely cold wind! After some photos, Cristy and Adam were married at the Sequoia in Georgetown, right on the waterfront. Some favorite photos from the day...2013-07-22_0007.jpg 2013-07-22_0004.jpg 2013-07-22_0008.jpg 2013-07-22_0002.jpg 2013-07-22_0001.jpg 2013-07-22_0003.jpg 2013-07-22_0009.jpg 2013-07-22_0006.jpg 2013-07-22_0005.jpg 2013-07-22_0010.jpg 2013-07-22_0011.jpg 2013-07-22_0013.jpg 2013-07-22_0012.jpg 2013-07-22_0014.jpg 2013-07-22_0015.jpg 2013-07-22_0016.jpg 2013-07-22_0017.jpg 2013-07-22_0019.jpg 2013-07-22_0020.jpg 2013-07-22_0018.jpg 2013-07-22_0021.jpg 2013-07-22_0022.jpg 2013-07-22_0023.jpg 2013-07-22_0024.jpg 2013-07-22_0025.jpg 2013-07-22_0027.jpg 2013-07-22_0028.jpg