A Day with Aunt Jess | Guest Post by Adelaide Patricia

Hey there! My name is Adelaide and I'm seven months old! You might recognize me from the last time I was here when I was just two weeks old!

My mom is pretty awesome and I like to make sure everyone knows that!

Today she had to go in for surgery on her foot, so I was pretty bummed out. She told me I would be staying with my Aunt Jess all day long! I was excited, but also a little nervous cause Aunt Jess does not have kids and I'm not sure she knows how to take care of me (I may be small, but I'm pretty needy!!)

But, my Mama's pretty smart and she left Aunt Jess all the secrets of how to make sure I stay happy all day long!

Once I knew that, I was just so excited to start the day!

First things first. Breakfast!! I had cereal and pumpkin, squash, and corn! Yummy!

I like to snack on Cheerios after my food, they're my favorite!

Let's be honest though, I have sweet tooth just like Aunt Jess and Mama. So much to choose from!

Crunch bar it is!

After my diaper was changed, Aunt Jess needed a potty break too so I had to sit in my bathtub seat since she didn't trust me alone downstairs with all the candy. I was not too happy :(

But then I found out we were going to visit Daddy and bring him lunch at the hospital while he waited for Mama to come out of surgery! I was all smiles once again!

I don't understand, but Aunt Jess made me take a picture with this cow at the chicken store. I wasn't too impressed.

It's ok though because after the picture with the cow we finally made it to the hospital and I saw my Daddy! He's so much fun!

We didn't get to see Mama at the hospital because she was still sleeping, so Aunt Jess took me home and we went for a walk and watched the sun set!

After our walk we finally got to play with some toys!

Finally Daddy called and said Mama was all done with surgery and she was doing great! I was so excited to see her again! I decided to watch some veggie tales to help pass the time until she got home. Aunt Jess doesn't know all the words yet, but I can tell she's trying. She should probably learn from my Mama cause she knows ALL the words (and the dance moves to go with them)!

And then it finally happened! Mama came home and we got to share lots of cuddles and kisses!

Thanks for taking care of me Aunt Jess! I can't wait to hang out with you all day again! XOXO, Adelaide