Kerianne and Melissa's Wedding | Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer

Kerianne and Melissa had a super sweet and intimate wedding on a beautiful fall day in October. Kerianne started the day by getting her hair done by her good friend Johanna, (who always does an amazing job) and makeup done by long time family friend Tara, who selflessly drove down the night before from New York so she could be there to help in the morning. Admittedly, I texted her in a panic when I found out (the day before the wedding) that Kerianne did not have plans for a makeup artist. She normally doesn't wear any, so for her it wasn't a big deal. Now, while Kerianne is already a beautiful girl, I have seen her in makeup when she's been forced to wear it for other people's weddings, and it is just stunning. As her older sister and hired photographer, I felt it was my responsibility to make sure she was wearing at least SOME makeup on her wedding day! So thanks for saving the day Tara! And thanks Kerianne for putting up with my insistence that you wear lashes too! I think it was worth it :)

Kerianne's dress...

Melissa started her morning by getting ready at Kerianne's Aunt's house. She wore a beautiful black pearl necklace that was gifted to her by Kerianne and a gorgeous dress from JJ's House Online.

Once again, Tara was so amazing with the makeup!

I love these images of Emily helping Melissa get dressed. Emily was so happy for her and it shows so much here!

Check out those lashes!

This was actually a test shot so I could get an idea of the lighting. It turned into a keeper when I saw the way the window light hit her cheek.

Kerianne -- right before she and Melissa saw each other for the first time.

The first look. So sweet :)

They were just so happy! I love their smiles here.

Kerianne and Melissa met through an online community called Post Secret, so for some of the bridal portraits they wanted to get some photographs of them looking through the Post Secret books outside of the Moravian Book Shop in Bethlehem, PA. The Moravian Book Shop is the oldest bookstore in the WORLD, so it was really neat to get such meaningful shots right outside their front door.

We went to a few other locations in downtown Bethlehem before we had to head back for the ceremony.

The ceremony was short, but very sweet. I love the way they're looking at each other throughout the ceremony.

The luncheon was at a tea room in Weaversville, PA called Jessica's Tea Room. Hand-made centerpieces made by the brides decorated the tables.

These delicious cupcakes were made by Tanya Hughes, and they tasted as good as they look. I might've had two...

The Post Secret community is all about personal messages on postcards. So instead of a traditional book, the brides opted for each guest to write a few words on post cards that they plan on putting in a scrapbook to read through over the years. Such a unique idea!

The weddings bands. They were so excited to finally get to wear these!

After the sun went down, we went back outside and braved the cold for a little bit longer to get some cool night shots.

Congratulations Kerianne and Melissa!